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"Corsica: The Isle of Beauty" — Custom Private Cycling Tours

You can't choose between mountains and the sea? Join us in Corsica!

Secret and wild, surrounded by the blue and turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, mere words cannot evoke the perfect white beaches, rich Corsican food and charismatic people of "L'Île de Beautée" (the Isle of Beauty).

This cycling paradise features low-traffic winding mountain roads with steep drop-offs and marvelous views where one meets more feral pigs or goats feeding on chestnuts than people! And, after a strenuous ride, the mild ocean temperature is ideal for a swim.

Corsica is best enjoyed without the heat and crowds of summer: spring showcases a multitude of wild flowers with snow-capped mountains in the background while in fall, all the mountains glow golden while the forests fill with hues of yellow, orange, pink and red.

The magic of Corsica awaits you...

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